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5 Things We Should Keep in Our Car During the Wintertime

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Driving in the wintertime is an entirely different driving experience than driving in the summer or spring; the icy roads and snow can present many difficulties while adjusting to the conditions. However, it’s not only the actual driving component of Winter that will often get people into trouble, but it’s what they don’t keep in their car that will often cause concerns. Here are some valuable items to keep on you while driving this upcoming Winter.


Scraper for Icy Windows


Frost commonly settles on vehicle windows and exterior mirrors overnight when the temperature reaches its coolest peak. However, extreme weather conditions can occur in an instant which can lead to snow and ice settling on your windows and mirrors in only a few hours. If you leave your ice and snow scraper at home instead of in your car, it can be nearly impossible to remove the frost from your windows which will impair your vision while driving puts you and others on the road at risk.


Sand or Salt


Canada is notorious for receiving heavy snowfalls every Winter, and for those that do not own 4×4 or AWD (all-wheel drive) vehicles may have a difficult time navigating through packing snow and icy road conditions. Having a bag of sidewalk salt or sand can help your tires gain traction which can be necessary if you cannot move and cannot dig yourself out of the snow. All you have to do is scatter the debris around the tires and then attempt to get the car moving out the track it is stuck in. Other materials that will work to assist you in getting out of a rut are little stones/pebbles and thick dirt.


Jumper Cables


The Winter temperatures are notorious for disabling car batteries which can leave you in a lot of trouble if you do not have the tools necessary to reboot it. You should always keep a pair of jumper cables in your car (even in the warmer months) in case your vehicle is unable to start.


Additional Wiper Fluid


Winter is the most common time of year for people to use their windshield wiper fluid because of the antifreeze properties inside the fluid that prevent frost and ice from clinging to your windows. Since you may be using plenty of it this upcoming winter, you should keep a spare bottle of windshield wiper fluid in your trunk. Especially when driving over salty roads, the salt can build up on your windows make it tremendously difficult to clean. Windshield fluid will help prevent the build-up of salt and frost, so your vision will not impede your driving ability, keeping it safe for you and all other drivers on the road.

At Auto List of Canada, we want all drivers to have a safe and enjoyable Winter driving experience. With great deals on pre-used vehicles to help keep you and your family safe this Winter, contact Auto List of Canada, today!

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