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How to Drive Safely with Your Dog in The Car

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Spring is finally here; you can finally roll your car windows down and enjoy doing things outside. Taking a gentle stroll down at your local public park is a wonderful way to spend a cool and sunny day, especially if you’re taking your dog for a walk. While transporting your pet in your vehicle this Spring, it is imperative that you practice safe travel methods to ensure you and your pet are secure. Although you may think you are travelling safely with your pet, you may be putting you and your pet at risk of harm. Here are a few tips for safe driving with your dog:

Put Them in The Back

You won’t be able to fit a Golden Retriever or Rottweiler on your lap as you drive, but it wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen somebody try. Regardless of the size of your dog, ensure that they are situated in the backseat of your vehicle for a couple of reasons. Firstly, a dog on your lap can be distracting as you drive, causing you to take your eyes off the road. Secondly, in the worst-case scenario of even the lightest car accident, your airbags could potentially deploy putting your dog at the risk of physical harm.

Small Dogs Should Be Placed in A Crate

If your dog is small enough to be carried in a crate, you should leave them in the crate while you’re in your car and driving. Dogs can be curious and attention-seeking (even while you’re driving) causing them to jump from the back of the vehicle to the front of your car. Crates also help protect your dog by constraining them inside of a protected cage. In the worst-case scenario of a vehicle crash, a crate will shield them from airborne debris.

Purchase a Doggie Seatbelt

Ensuring that your dog travels safely in your vehicle has never been easier than it has today. Investing in dog seat belts and car harnesses will keep your dog safe and sound as you travel in your car, van or truck. The benefit of having a doggie seat belt or harness is that it keeps them restrained in the vehicle at all times until you decide to unclip them, which will prevent your dog from jumping out of the vehicle when you are unloading groceries, opening the door to let your kids off at school, etc. Doggie seatbelts and harnesses will prevent your dog from running away or putting themselves at risk of running onto busy roads.

Always Keep Head and Feet Inside the Vehicle

Dogs love sticking their heads out the window while the car is moving; the fresh breeze feels good on their face.  However, debris including dust, dirt and airborne garbage can strike your dogs in the eyes and ears causing them harm. Rolling down your window and allowing them to stick their heads out also presents the risk of them jumping out the window; if your dog gets car sick without fresh air, roll down the window enough so that they can enjoy a breeze without the chance of them escaping.

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