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The time has come again for you to purchase another car, but where do you go? Choosing a vehicle can be hard but deciding where to purchase the vehicle can also produce some challenges. In Canada, you can buy a car through a dealership or through a private seller. There are pros and cons to both options and depending on what you are looking for, it can be the ultimate deciding factor. Two main deciding factors before purchasing a vehicle are pricing and the vehicle’s condition. Below is an expanded explanation of both when it comes to dealers and private sellers:

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Your car is your home on wheels; other than your actual house, your car will keep you warm, dry and safe as you travel to work or school which is why you need a vehicle that is practical for you. Finding the right car means you need to take into consideration how old it is, how much mileage a car has, and any foreseeable repairs that must be addressed. If you find a vehicle that is almost-new condition it can end up saving you money without having to forfeit an exceptional driving experience; here are a few of the benefits of buying a used car:


Lower Prices for Nicer Vehicles


If there were no financial limitations, everybody in the world would buy a new car; however, that isn’t the case. Older cars provide more value for car buyers than a new car would for several reasons. Every car devalues over time, whether it

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Driving in the wintertime is an entirely different driving experience than driving in the summer or spring; the icy roads and snow can present many difficulties while adjusting to the conditions. However, it’s not only the actual driving component of Winter that will often get people into trouble, but it’s what they don’t keep in their car that will often cause concerns. Here are some valuable items to keep on you while driving this upcoming Winter.

It is advisable to check disc brakes and it's linings every 10 - 12,000 miles but mostly if your brakes begin to make squealing noise or flutter. Some would confuse brake fluttering with the normal pulsing of ABS brakes when applied in an emergency stop.Brakes are one of the most important parts of a car and these are 5 signs you need to watch out for, to determine if it is time for your brake pad replacement:If the brake pedal pulsates when you press your foot on it, this is often a sign that the brake pads need to be replaced. To understand this better, pulsating brakes is when there’s a brake vibration, or constant grabbing when you attempt to apply your brakes. Pulsating brakes are caused by worn out brake pads.If you observe that there’s always a squealing noise while driving but each time you apply your brakes, this noise goes away, only to return again as soon as your foot comes off the brake pad or vice versa, there is a high chance the brake pad is worn out and needs to be replaced.Whenever brake pads are severely worn out, their capacity to slow your vehicle down may be hindered. The ability to generate the needed friction between brake pads reduces over time and a poor brake response time is dangerous.Another sign t [...]
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